Me at age 10 with my identical twin, Heidi (almost identical, she had better eyebrows)

Me at age 10 with my identical twin, Heidi (almost identical, she had better eyebrows)


Hi! it's me, Kimball. 

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer and I live in Los Angeles, California.

To fire off some facts: I grew up splitting my time between New York City and Colorado. I went to school at Washington University in St. Louis, where I majored in Communications Design (except for that one semester I was an English major). I spent a majority of my youth believing that belting any outfit around the waist made it more flattering (including, of course, t-shirts and dresses worn with 3/4 length leggings underneath), that if I believed real hard and kept enough photos of him in my locker I would one day marry Orlando Bloom, and that a full can of Campbell's Chunky Beef Stew – the official soup of the NFL, mind you – was a well-rounded breakfast.

Over the years, I regret to inform you, my style has evolved and my confidence in Orlando's burning passion for me has waned. I'm much happier to inform you, however, that I no longer eat Chunky Beef Stew for breakfast each morning, and that my social life has benefitted tremendously from the adjustment.

This is my portfolio website and it is a collection of some of my work and some other things that have absolutely nothing to do with my work. I hope you have fun; I hope you like what I’ve made; I hope you are so overwhelmed with compassion for ten-year-old me you’re inspired to like twenty three year old me just as much. But maybe more than anything, I hope you like carrot cake – because if all else fails and you don't like what you see here I will send some directly to your home as a bribe.

Email me at with questions or with your mailing address for the carrot cake (serious carrot cake inquiries only, please).

Also, my resume is available right here, if you want it.